The Winnerman group challenges benchmarks in the Engineering, Construction, Electrical and Steel Fabrication sectors. We manufacture and market innovative engineering solutions, fabricated steel structures and products tailor-made to suit all facets of the whole industrial, commercial and residential markets spectrum. We create ways to “win” where others fail, employing creative rather than competitive formulae.


Through our diverse professional skills and definiteness of purpose and values, we aim to achieve a well-diversified group, wired for end-to-end control.


  • Collaborative approach to new products and technology
  • Transparency in all dealings with key stakeholders
  • Commitment to the work contract
  • A “can do” attitude


We strive for excellence in all we do, and providing leadership in business risk management including sound environmental stewardship and safe work places for all employees, visitors and contractors. We acknowledge the impact that our business may have on people and the environment, and will, where practicable, minimize the negative SHE impacts arising from our operational activities, products and services.